Szkoła Języka Angielskiego ABC LANGUAGE CENTRE dyr. mgr filologii angielskiej Dorota Malewska, 15-404 Białystok, ul. Młynowa 17, tel. 507-155-842

In English

If you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day, teach them to fish, and you feed them for life

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAABC Language Centre is a private language school in which all teachers, graduates of University English Language Departments, work a full or a part-time schedule, with all age groups and all levels, from complete beginners: children to adult FCE, Advanced and Proficiency levels. Our overriding aim is to foster an interest in the language in the learners and impress the value of hard work on them. Being most conducive for very fruitful and topical discussions on a great variety of topics and well-bred speakers, we are able to incorporate a whole range of up-to-date vocabulary as well as recondite words suitable for Proficiency groups. Hence, the language becomes a living communicative tool, not only for situational contexts but also for theoretical discourses which frequently extend to after school hours. We are persuasive and sympathetic, open and forward people, independently minded, able to trigger in our students general resourcefulness, keenness to transmit ideas, perseverance and tenacity in reaching their goals. Having a competitive spirit and working in the ambience of enjoyable camaraderie, we are partial to getting the students to pit their abilities against others and make them eager to show their mettle. We always try to instill a sense of fairness in our students and dedication to work, which can only be achieved feeling a sense of esprit de corps. Thus we extend our welcome to all of you so that you are soon known for your breadth of mind!

Dorota Malewska, Head of ABC Language School